Our Wines

Introducing Revolutionary Red and White!

Patriot Red is a medium bodied red wine made of Marquette and Cabernet Franc. Great as an Aperitif!

Patriot White is a medium bodied white wine and is a blend of Cauiga White, Chardonnay, and Riesling.
Nice Citrus flavor!

Liberty White is a light oak white wine that blends Chardonnay with Cayuga White resulting in a clean, fresh wine while pairing well with fish and chicken.
Freedom white is a more complex blend of Cayuga and Chardonnay with oak hints and a bold mouth feel and nice roundness. Pairs well with turkey, chicken, shellfish, and creamy pasta.
Revolutionary Red is a blend of red wines and St. Croix creating an oaky, full mouthed wine that will improve with age, pairing with Italian food and steaks.
War Office Red is a soft blend of red wine and St. Croix, nice fruitiness, and a dry finish. Best paired with lamb, pork, beef, or flavourful cheeses.
Wayland Blush, nicknamed "The Lebanon Coolaid," is a beautiful blend of Riesling, Cayuga, and St. Croix, creating a soft and sweet picnic wine.
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